Why DC Realty Management

At DC Realty Management Inc. you will be treated with the utmost level of respect and business professionalism. Customers choose us because we give them all attention they need whenever they request it. Even if we cannot help you directly we will fine those who can. You hire a professional management company to take care of the day-to-day operations of your Association. We understand your time is valuable, and we will seamlessly manage all aspects of your Association so that your Board Members can focus on the decision-making duties they are tasked with. With proper planning and following established procedures, our community managers can be proactive in an industry that is often reactive. From routine issues to emergency situations, we will work diligently to find the best possible resolution. Our strengths include customer service, communication and accountability. We offer comprehensive association management, project management and financial services. We also utilize technology that was built for specifically community associations.


Our goal is to make the job of your board members as effortless as possible. We build a team for each client comprised of a licensed community association manager, an assistant community manager and an executive staff member. This allows us to provide effective, individualized and professional guidance to your Board of Directors. At DC Realty Management Inc. you can count on our bilingual staff to assist you with your all inquiries. This means no more responses such as: "Let me call you back" or the most common one, I do not know what you are talking about. If you truly want 100 % satisfaction and full level of understanding and attention, you must contact us today. The very day we start working for you will begin the first day of tremendous improvement for your property.

Simplified Payments

At DC Realty Management Inc. we believe that your time is very significant. Why spend time for writing and sending checks if you can do it all from in front of your computer. We want you to have the most convenient method possible for complying with your association dues and payments. This is why we come to you with an online payment platform. Our staff is highly skilled in both technological and business fields where you will always find the help you need. At DC Realty Management we do not rely on someone else's technology and concepts; our website and its entire functionality has been written in "php" and all used plugins have been modified to suit your needs in the best possible way. There is no other company like DC Realty Management Inc. who always goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations on every possible level.